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Push Messages

You have a very powerful messaging feature available to you 24/7.

Login using your Username and Password and you will see your own App message center.

You can add messages with a headline/text and an image and you can specify when you want the message to be available and select filters (paid accounts only).

Messages must have an image attached to them.

Once you have added a message, a Push Notification will be sent to everyone logged in to that destination.

Login here to manage your messaging

Adding Images/PDFs to Messages

When you login and send a message, you will be asked to add an image.

The message system will resize the image you upload for all the different mobile devices. It will also let you know if your image is too small.

When you click to submit your message, please wait for the confirmation your images are being uploaded and your message is sent.

Do not click until you get confirmation.

You can also add PDF images and embed YouTube video (add an image too with video).

Editing Your Messages

Once you have added a message, you can edit them, live. After logging in, just click on the message title.

You can edit and of the text or images, make changes to the message filters, update the publish from and to dates and delete the message.

Note: Editing will not cause the Push notification to be resent, but the edit will appear live in the app on refresh (if they are reading the message, it will not update until they leave and refresh).

Message Filters – Paid Subscribers Only

You can specify filters for your message (like ‘Restaurant’ ‘Kids Activities’ ‘Watersports’ ‘Spa Timetable’ etc), so guests can easily view relevant content.

These can be requested on set up, and can be added live as and when required. They appear at the top of the messages tab and are set by checking the relevant filter when you add a message.

You can update or change message filters after they have been sent when you edit a message.

Private Keyword Searches – Paid Subscribers Only

Your app is found using your hotel/resort name.

Private Keyword Searches enable you to be found using miss spellings and even private search terms or keys.

Adding A Guestbook/Information Book

In many Hotels and Resorts guests expect easy access to location and stay specific information like WiFi logins, Emergency procedures, general information, local partners, contact information – any information guests would find useful.

We can provide this information in app, right in their pocket on their own mobile devices.

This can take the form of a web page (if you already have this online), or we can provide an editable template you can use and update at any time.

Making this available in guests’ pockets right on their mobile devices enhances the guest experience and reduces drain on resources (like making this available in rooms, or as leaflets/posters around reception).

Multiple User Logins and Accounts

We can add multiple Users to your account, and they can be set up for individual locations. For instance if you have multiple locations (resorts or group of hotels for example), you could have one global User that can access every location, and then specific Users for individual locations – they can see and manage messages for their locations only.

Great if you have local managers you want to provide access for.

Adding Pocket Concierge badges and links to your website and emails

We recommend you add the App Store badges and links to your email and website.
Telling guests how they can maximise their experience, engaging and informing them before, after and during their stay is paramount to long term success.
Make sure your website, confirmation and regular email signatures include links to your app.
We provide you with some HTML you can add to your website and emails, if you do not have this please ask for support;-

It will look like this!

We’re on Pocket Concierge

Guest Data

We do not record or store any attributable guest data. Guests are free to use the app without payment or collection of any personal information.
We understand your guest data is valuable and do not record it in any way, except to provide aggregated download and message metrics (how many people have the app in total, how many messages are sent etc). We do NOT store or record anything personal or attributable to individuals.

Adding more locations

If you’d like other locations added to your Pocket Concierge app, or your organisation is part of a larger group please just use the form below and let us know.
Be as detailed as you can please.

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